Mesh Lacrosse
— Provider of lifestyle and team apparel, uniforms and spirit wear. Founded by a lacrosse family for the greater lacrosse family… "Mesh" is a common theme in our sport. Literally, a stick's pocket, the net of a lax goal, pinnies, shorts and apparel are all made of some sort of mesh material. Perhaps more importantly and figuratively, the lacrosse faithful seem to mesh well as a community and a team must mesh to succeed.

Custom Team Apparel and Uniforms — Whether your club or team needs uniforms or some sweet new apparel, our seasoned design team is standing by. To help your club succeed we can design custom apparel to aid your fundraising efforts. In order to minimize your expenses, all orders can be setup as pre-orders for a limited time. Once all orders are in, we will manufacture your product and deliver to you within 8 weeks. We offer competitive pricing and flexibility. Earn $5-10 per item sold!

For more info, contact [email protected]